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High Pressure Cleaners

High Pressure Cleaner High Pressure Cleaner
16/150GS Code No. HD1615S

High Pressure Cleaner
16/200GS Code No. HD1620S

High Pressure Cleaner
21/100GS Code No. HD2110S

Model 16f150GS 16f200GS 21f1O0GS
Code No. HD1615S HD1620S HD2110S
Discharge 16 L/min 16 L/min 21 L/min
Pressure 150 kgf/cm2 200 kgf/cm2 102 kgf/cm2
Pipe Capacity 150/min. 150/min. 200/min.
Weight 96 kg 99 kg 86 kg
Engine 6.0 (h.p.) 8.9 (h.p.) 6.0 (h.p.)
Max. Extension
High Pressure Hose
100 m

Gasoline Engine Driven

Gasoline Engine Driven High Pressure Cleaner
12/80G Code No. HD128

High Pressure Cleaner
16/1501 Code No. HD1615

High Pressure Cleaner
21/90G Code No. HD219
Compact and light weight 12 L/min. 80kgf/cm2

Type Standard
Model 12f80G 21f90G 16f150G
Code No. HD128 HD219 HD1615
Discharge 12 L/min 21 L/min 16 L/min
Pressure 80 kgf/cm2 90 kgf/cm2 150 kgf/cm2
Pipe Capacity 110/min 200/min 150/min
Weight 30 kg 56 kg 56 kg
Engine 2.8 (h.p.) 5.5 (h.p.) 5.5 (h.p.)
Max. Extension
High Pressure Hose
100 m
Collins • Greenlee • MCC • Oster • Pace • Rex • Ridgid
Rothenberger • Super-Ego • Virax

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