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Refrigerant Cleaners

Refrigerant Cleaner Eco

Refrigerant Cleaner Eco "Refrigerant Cleaner Eco" is a fully integrated machine that can perform all tasks of recovery, recycle, evacuation, recharge, and oil change. It is also equipped with a printer to record the operation.

"Refrigerant Cleaner Eco" is of compact design and easy to move on large wheels, even with the inbuilt 12L cylinder.

The "Refrigerant Cleaner Eco" is economical to run and competitive in price.

The operation of the semi-automatic system is very simple and easy. You can set up to start each mode: recovery, evacuation, and charge. In addition to doing the operation in sequence, you can also select only the mode which you need and adjust the running time as necessary.


Item Refrigerant Cleaner Eco
Code No. FC505
Applicable refrigerant R134a
Function Recovery, recycling, evacuating, oil charging, refrigerant charging
Power source Voltage made to order
Compressor 280W (3/8HP) Oil-in type
Dimensions (L)582 X (W)500 X (H)960mm
Weight BSPT 1/2"
Operating temperature 5~40C°
Vacuum pump Displacement: 100 • 114L/min. (50/60Hz) Ultimate vacuum: 5Pa abs. (37.5 microns)
Equipped cylinder 12L cylinder (stationary)
Weighing method By load cell
Standard accessories 1/4" High pressure and low pressure charging hose x 1pce. each, High and Low Pressure Quick Joint x 1 pce. each, Filter dryer x 2 pcs.

Recovery rate

Vapor (g/min.) 100*
Collins • Greenlee • MCC • Oster • Pace • Rex • Ridgid
Rothenberger • Super-Ego • Virax

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